Snow is such a little sweetheart! Her coloring is blue point, and she also has those gorgeous blue eyes. She is playful, friendly and good with our little kids. She just had her first litter of kittens on Easter morning 2020. She is such a wonderful, attentive mother! 

Lady (Mittens)

Lady is a lilac highland fold with a super silly personality.  Like most folds, she loves to play in boxes, and even our bathroom sinks! At night you can usually find her sleeping on one of our kids' pillow above their head. We are very excited for Lady to have her first litter, hopefully this spring! With Teddy as her mate, and based on their pedigrees, we are predicting they will have a litter of solid colored kittens that are half blue and half lilac. Lady is very social and always wants to be where the action is, especially during our kids' virtual learning! She gets really frisky with their school supplies! Lady is so patient with our kids, and doesn't resist when they carry her around. Everyone loves Lady!




Elite Bear

"Teddy," as we call him, is a blue-point Scottish straight.  Teddy has the classic Scottish personality; very friendly and sweet to everyone. He almost always prefers to sleep on his back.  He is a gentle giant who loves to be in close proximity to one of us when he can. He isn't much of a lap kitty, but loves to cuddle up and relax near you.  Teddy makes a variety of little chirping and cooing noses, but hardly ever meows. He's a big, good looking guy!

Sire: Barbados Solomonoff

Dam: Chelsea of Irbis

IMG_0216 2.JPG