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Snow is such a sweetheart! Her coloring is blue point, and she also has those gorgeous blue eyes. All of her kittens will always look just like her. She is playful, friendly and good with our little kids. She had her first litter of kittens on Easter morning in 2020. She is such a wonderful, attentive mother! 

Lady (Mittens)

Lady is a lilac highland fold with a super silly personality.  Like most folds, she loves to play in boxes, and even our bathroom sinks! At night you can usually find her sleeping on one of our kids' pillow above their head. Lady, with Sunny as her mate, always has litters of solid colored kittens that are about half blue and half lilac. Some are short haired, and some are long. Lady is very social and always wants to be where the action is! She loves when we decorate for any holiday that involves a wreath. We have so many pictures of her sitting in the center of wreaths on the floor. She can't help herself! Lady is so patient with our kids, and doesn't resist when they carry her around. Everyone loves Lady!


Sunny Boy

Sunny has the prettiest coloring, he looks like a creamsicle! His eyes are the lightest blue. Our favorite part-- his bright pink paws! Sunny likes to sleep with us every night and makes sure he gets all the love he deserves. He is super friendly to our females as well. Since he is only a year old, he gets super frisky with cat toys, leaping several feet in the air and doing flips!



Velvet is our newest female, and this will be her first time having kittens! She is very friendly, and "chirps" a lot to communicate. She has a short, puffy tail that is so cute! Her toe beans are light pink, and she has big paws compared to the rest of her, which is pretty petite!

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