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Welcome to Pacific Northwest Folds. We are a small home-based Scottish fold cattery in Damascus, Oregon. We are registered with TICA. All our kittens are raised under foot, completely cage free. We breed our cats as a hobby because it's something we truly love! Because of this, kittens will not be available as often as other catteries. The health of our queens is of the utmost importance to us. Our goal is to raise healthy, happy, highly socialized Scottish folds and straights for loving homes.   

About the Breed

Known for their adorable ears, the Scottish folds are considered to have an "owl-like" appearance. The folded ears are due to a gene mutation that affects the cartilage throughout their body. Breeding two Scottish folds together can actually result in unhealthy kittens. Therefore we only breed our fold with our "straight", (same breed but straight ears) to avoid any extra defects, such as a stiff tail and deformity of legs. Although the Scottish straights don't have the folded ears, they are precious as well, with the same signature round face, short nose and large eyes as the folds. 

The Scottish fold makes a wonderful family pet. They are gentle and affectionate. They often follow you around from room to room. They like to sleep near their family, but not necessarily on your lap.  Often they can be seen sleeping in odd (but precious!) positions, such as on their back, or sitting on their back legs with their paws in front of them, similar to a "Budha." You are sure to love the sweet temperament of this breed.

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